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 Rosemary & Lime Chicken

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PostSubject: Rosemary & Lime Chicken   Thu 12 Jun - 16:52:19

Get a whole chicken, wash and pat dry.

In a mortar gring up:
lime zest (4-6 limes worth, or however much you want),
kosher salt (use twice as much as you'd usually use - kosher salt is about half as salty as table salt),
fresh rosemary - up to 6 TBSP.

Rub all over chicken including the cavity and bake at 350 just like you would any other chicken...EXCEPT - for the last 20 minutes turn up the heat to 425. This crystalizes the salt and the skin gets super crispy.

I told a co-worker this and he did it on a BBQ, beer butt chicken style, (with a half can of beer inside the cavity, sitting up on the grill). He also used chopped garlic and some oil. His family loved it.

You can also use any type of citrus instead of, or with lime.

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Rosemary & Lime Chicken
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