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 Students strip

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PostSubject: Students strip   Mon 5 May - 18:48:05

Could you at the age you are now strip and run around like these kids are?

I couldn't.... would probably chicken out! affraid

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PostSubject: Re: Students strip   Tue 6 May - 12:13:42

I could... the real question is... who would want to see it??? hide eyes
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PostSubject: Re: Students strip   Wed 7 May - 10:31:15

I wouldn't mind seeing it...naked people are entertaining.But as far as being one of's not to much of running around with bra and panties on that is the problem for me.It's acting that stupid with a bunch of other stupid people knowing something will eventually go bad. Btw, anyone see the second video after the one bunny posted? It was of mother and her friends teaching a toddler how to smoke pot and letting him pass it around with them!!!!OMG,and she actually got him back?!!! A mother who spanks her child in public got in more trouble than a dumbass who actually let a little boy smoke pot.
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PostSubject: Re: Students strip   

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Students strip
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